Change (again) the WordPress Theme

I do like the paper theme by Amanda Hawkins. But I got a little problem here: the parantheis and the frame-box on the top of sidebar do not appear when I open with Firefox, but they appear when I open with Internet Explorer. I have checked from many PC and asked some friends to check it out and all gives the same result: something does not work perfectly. Of course you suspect it comes from the tags in php script or something, so I checked it several times until my eyes wet. The problem probably comes from my side, since you can enjoy the correct theme in its original source or in Gab-blog.

I have sent message to the creator on 15 February, but it is waiting for moderation right now. Probably she is very busy at the moment. Oh well, life must go on and I decided reluctantly to switch to this simple -clear-classics theme by Azeem Azeez and Dave Rigotti. Actually, my favorite design is — anybody knows whether it is a free theme or paid theme? Heeheehee…

By febdian RUSYDI

a muslim, a teacher, a physicists, a blogger.


  1. Hi there, sorry I hadn’t gotten to your comment yet. If you’re still interested zip the theme as you were using it and I can test it out and let you know what’s going on with it. Email the .zip to me at the email attached to this comment.

  2. Waks, ngambek dia… waktu itu sempat bermasalah lagi, dan waktu mau ngomong ke kamu, kamunya offline begichu. Supaya tidak merepotkan, uda ganti dulu ke motif yang polos ini he he he

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