Leave Windows Mail, Move (back) to Thunderbird!

When the first time I bought this laptop, Windows Vista is already in it. I don’t like Vista, personally I prefer Windows XP — the best OS that ever released by Microsoft in my personal view. But, I am an old-fashioned guy, I decided not to switch to XP because I bought my laptop together with its Vista. I felt suffering a financial lose if I don’t use what I have bought. Then, probably like the rest of you, I have to struggle for my old-fashioned decision. Vista gave me paint in the butt.

As you guess, I also use Windows Mail, the successor of Outlook Express 6. I never use Outlook (and its variants) before, in fact, I just don’t like it. Thunderbird was my regular email client in my previous laptops. But, again, the pity of not using what I have bought made me to replace my favorite email client to Windows email. Of course I read many reviews of the comparison between Windows Mail and Thunderbird in internet, but I had made my mind!

After almost a year of using it, I’m not satisfied with Windows Email. It does not do what I want it to do. Examples, the most annoying things, are explained below.

  1. Short by threaded feature often hides some emails in the conversation. It’s just disappeared! But, when I switched it to normal short by, the hidden emails appear again. I never experience this with Thunderbird.
  2. I used to reply an email in plain text format and is below the quote. Windows email forces me to use HTML format if the incoming email is in HTML. If I switch to plain text format for replying, the quote sign “>” disappears and I don’t like it. If I keep in HTML format, there is a blue line in the left that is untouchable. I can make my line below the quote, but the blue line is always there. Again, I don’t like it.

I get tired with this. For me, as an olf-fashioned guy, I tell my computer what I want, not the other way around! Finally, after my 57-hours journey to Dumai yesterday, I just killed my Windows Mail and installed back my lovely Thunderbird.

Welcome Thunderbird. You are the one I need!

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By febdian RUSYDI

a muslim, a teacher, a physicists, a blogger.

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