Font rtxr at 600 not found

I now intend to write any technical problem I face in this blog. The reason is to remind me later if I face the same problem then I have a quick solution. It happened before when I successfully did some life-hacking thingy but for whatever reason I have not make a good note. Then, when the same problem appears I got frustrated. Not because I cannot solve it, but because I feel guilty not to take a good note for that problem.

Alright, today problem is error

!pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file rtxr): Font rtxr at 600 not found

that I got when compiling a pdflatex file using MiKTeX 2.9.

This problem occurs in my PC, but not in my laptop. A quick search in the Internet, I found a solution that works for my case.

According to the solution, the package


should change to


which indicates that there is some problem in the font map configuration in my PC during the installation. Well, it reminds me that I got some troubles before with MiKTeX 2.9 in my PC and I had to reinstall it several times.

In my case, I use


and when I change it into \usepackage{lmodern}, the problem solved!

Anyway, I use \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} for other files and it works. So it is \usepackage{txfont} give problem to me.

The following sentences is no longer valid.

I suspect it is something to do with the document class. The one that gives me problem uses jpsj3 documentclass (manually created for JPSJ).

Anyway, again, problem solved, so what? 🙂

By febdian RUSYDI

a muslim, a teacher, a physicists, a blogger.

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