I am using WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”

It’s great like what you see here. I also give up my previous theme and switch to the new one: twentyten, the default theme of WordPress 3.0 that is used to be Kubric.

I expect this version make my blogging easier, lighter, friendlier, and more freedom.

Even though there are a lot of social networks out there, blog cannot be replaced since only blog gives you the true pleasure of writing. Plurk is cool, Facebook is cool, twitter is cool, but  who can deny that blog is designed to writing stuff?

Blog, the best way you can get to share knowledge…

My Desired Theme

This is my desired theme, which cup of coffee, a simple diary (or notepad is also fine), and a pen (or pencil is also okay). It’s all given by Coffee Desk theme by TemplateLite.com. After a long and tired struggle, dying and frustration feeling, I finally got it right in my blog. An uncountable thanks for my sexy wife who helped me and my spirit to stand up to the end, hee hee hee.

Change (again) the WordPress Theme

I do like the paper theme by Amanda Hawkins. But I got a little problem here: the parantheis and the frame-box on the top of sidebar do not appear when I open with Firefox, but they appear when I open with Internet Explorer. I have checked from many PC and asked some friends to check it out and all gives the same result: something does not work perfectly. Of course you suspect it comes from the tags in php script or something, so I checked it several times until my eyes wet. The problem probably comes from my side, since you can enjoy the correct theme in its original source or in Gab-blog.

I have sent message to the creator on 15 February, but it is waiting for moderation right now. Probably she is very busy at the moment. Oh well, life must go on and I decided reluctantly to switch to this simple -clear-classics theme by Azeem Azeez and Dave Rigotti. Actually, my favorite design is http://www.writerspace.net/ — anybody knows whether it is a free theme or paid theme? Heeheehee…

Ganti Motif WordPress

Sedikit pamer, saya pos artikel ini saat istirahat di tengah kesibukan saya mewasiti olimpiade matematika SMP yang diadakan oleh Sekolah Alam Insan Mulia Surabaya. Apa yang dipamerkan? Apa lagi kalau bukan akses internet telkomsel flash saya yang baru, he he he.

Yang ingin saya sampaikan adalah pergantian theme blog saya dari BlueSky karya Elegant WPT ke paper.4 karya Amanda Hawkins. Alasan pergantian adalah karena saya merasa fitur BlueSky tidak sesuai dengan apa yang saya inginkan. Misalnya, yang sederhana saja, motif BlueSky tidak dilengkapi informasi tag untuk setiap artikel, fasilitas excerpt yang dipaksa mengikuti CSS-nya sehingga kita tidak dapat leluasa mengatur sendiri dan paragraf yang ditampilkan di halaman depan tidak rapi, dan harus adanya thumbnail untuk setiap artikel. Terlepas dari hal itu semua, saya sangat menyenangi desain layoutnya, alasan yang membuat saya bertahan selama ini.

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